Service & Repair

We can take that old bike and turn it into a finely tuned machine.

Babcock Bicycles, Endicott NY Babcock Bicycles, Endicott NY Babcock Bicycles, Endicott NY Babcock Bicycles, Endicott NY Babcock Bicycles - Shemano Dealer, Endicott NY Babcock Bicycles, Endicott NY

We strive for perfection in every job we do - Much like a fine restaurant!

We have been working on bikes and offering a wide variety of services to keep cyclists riding for nearly 50 years. From fixing a flat tire to component overhauling or replacement we do all repairs on any bike brands except welding and painting. We can also assemble bikes purchased on-line, and we offer shipping services, too.

Many of the parts on a bicycle, although separate, are connected and may depend upon different part to operate properly. For example – a simple brake adjustment depends upon a tight lever and a cable that runs freely. Also the wheel needs to run true (straight) and the hub needs to be properly adjusted.

The current selection of bicycles on the market incorporate a wide variety of component parts. We not only stock a vast selection of these component parts, but we know how to make them work together and perform. The repair personnel use high grade professional tools and can tackle any repair job. Over the last several years our repair department has averaged a 2 day turnaround. During 2020-2021, because of pandemic limitations, the turnaround may take a little longer. Babcock's service prices are based on time and the flat rate book.

We stand behind our work and will answer your questions regarding your repair. Master Mechanics Kevin Babcock and John Martens will be responsible for the quality work put into your repair. Martens has 25+ years of bike shop repair experience, while Babcock has 45+ years of bike shop experience including being named head mechanic for Jim Black's trans-continental record attempt. Both men have several bicycle repair certifications.

We offer a very huge collection of Shimano bike components and accessories at Babcock Bikes. We service many different bike brands including Shimano, as their Authorized Dealer. Shop bicycle pedals, shoes, brakes, wheels and more.
Babcock's Repair


Assembly & Repair is what we do 52 weeks a year. Our specialty is high quality labor.

  • Package & Shipping.
    • We ship bikes.
    • Quality packaging so your bike will arrive undamaged.
    • Box & Ship for your convenience or Box only if that is your wish.
  • Receiving
    • We accept your shipped bike and re-assemble
  • Assembly
    • Assembly of your new or used bike if purchased online
  • Tune Ups and Adjustments
    • Overhauling or repairing bearing components – hubs, bottom bracket, headset, pedals
    • Adjusting or replacing gears & drivetrains - derailleurs, cranks, chains
    • Adjusting or replacing Brake Systems – Disc Brakes, VBrakes, Cantilever, Caliper, Hub
    • Cleaning & re-lubrication of dirty drivetrains
  • Wheel Work
    • Hubs adjusted or overhauled, wheels trued and dished, spokes replaced, wheels built from scratch.
    • Wheel Truing – Straightening of your rims & tighten spokes so that the wheel runs straight & round, and the rim is centered on the hub.
Babcock's Repair

Babcock's service department will work with you regarding your repair. You can request a specific item(s) from our ala carte menu or pick one of our service packages. Our most common service package is the Deluxe Tune-Up ($189.99) and it includes:

  • Cleaning
  • Brake adjustments
  • Gear adjustments
  • Minor wheel truing
  • Headset adjustment
  • Bottom bracket adjustment
  • Hub adjustments
  • Related parts installed
  • Bring your own part - $15 per part

( Overhauling of bearings or complete wheel truing incur related surcharges. )

TREK Allant+ 7S E. Bike


Babcock’s is an Authorized Bosch E. Bike Dealer & Repair Center. We are fully qualified to service all Bosch E. Bikes and supply accessories & Repair Parts.

Although we do not support the electrical or motor drives of non-Bosch equipped bikes, we do repair all of the standard bicycle gear systems, wheels, tires, brakes, bearings, etc.

If you own an E. Bike which is not Bosch equipped, Babcock’s can repair all of the mechanical parts, tires, brakes, gear systems, etc. At this time we do not support the electrical motor or engine.

Hockey Player with a stick

Skates Sharpening and Hockey Sticks

  • We are Western Broome’s Leader in Skate Sharpening. (Did you know that Kevin holds a US Patent for a “Skate Blade Sharpening Gauge” ?)
  • Hockey Sticks – As hockey sticks have evolved from wooden sticks to aluminum and composite shafts with replaceable blades, not only has the cost increased but so has the expertise required for repair and component replacement.  Let us protect your investment.  Contact us today to see if we can help you with the repair and/or component replacement of your broken hockey sticks.