We are pleased to announce that Babcock Bicycles has once again been appointed as a top level dealer for both TREK and ELECTRA bicycle brands. In addition, UNIVEGA-USA has approved Babcock Bicycles as a stocking dealer of its family of brands, many of which are assembled in South Carolina, USA.

  • Listed below are some of the bicycle models that we have found to be popular for our area. So many of these bikes are purchased that we focus our inventory selections on these models.

  • Please keep in mind that we have many other bikes in stock to select from and are willing to order your special bike if we don’t have it.

  • A great deal of care is taken to provide you with the right bike, not only the style or color, but the appropriate fit as well. From the moment the boxed bicycle arrives at our door a thorough assembly process takes place that assures you a machine of the finest quality.

  • Please be aware that manufacturers suggested prices do not include the costs of shipping or assembly.

Don’t settle for anyone else’s bike.

Create your very own with Project One, Trek’s custom bike program. Customize, personalize, sensationalize—the choice is yours. Design it online, or we can help you build your dream bike.

Make sure your bike fits perfect for you

To get the most out of your bike ride you must partner your body with your bike. Proper fit is most important. Positioning of contact points - feet, seat, hands and proper balance on the bike are critical.

Kevin Babcock has been building custom bikes using The Fit Kit since the mid 80's. We use a variety of tools including The Fit Kit, and computer software to determine the correct fit. Both John Martens and Kevin Babcock have completed Trek Fit Training, and The Fit Kit schools and are fully qualified to meet your custom cycling needs.

Stock Bike: $99.00

Adjustment of saddle fore/aft & height positions.
Proper stem adjustment.

Deluxe: $199.00

Total fit of the bike to the rider.
Stock bike fit plus the use of The Fit Kit stem.

Deluxe Plus with Radial Adjustment Device: $269.00

The Fit Kit Radial Adjustment Device (RAD) assures proper cleat placement so that the hip, knees, and ankle relationship is fluid throughout the pedal stroke.